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What is INLOOP

InLoop is a platform for online communities interested in curating and publishing industry content while driving revenue through ad integration. We leverage human and artificial intelligence to scan the web for relevant and trending content that is personalized for our client’s needs. Once our algorithm curates your content, we automate publishing to a custom-built newsfeed, a weekly newsletter and a news-focused mobile app. We keep our clients happy by providing additional revenue streams while keeping their online community engaged and informed. 

Easily discover relevant content personalized for your industry and audience.

Think of InLoop as your own, personal content concierge. Our technology combs through millions of articles and websites to bring you a curated collection of relevant media based on the interests and needs of your audience.

Cut overhead and increase productivity by automating content delivery across your top channels.

Instead of wasting valuable time and resources manually posting to each of your outlets, we give you the gift of true automation. Simply review the content and select the channels, and it automatically publishes as often as you want. Our tools even build custom weekly newsletters and a dedicated selection of industry resources, with built-in advertising space.

Review in-depth analytics to understand your audience and improve ROI across your outlets.

We provide you with the tools to see exactly how content performs on channels, Newsfeed, email campaigns, and more. Observe, iterate, and adjust your strategies to increase traffic and maximize revenue.

Generate additional revenue with seamless ad integration.

We’re a content company first, but we also provide additional avenues for our client’s to monetize their content spaces. In addition to engaging our client’s online communities, we also integrate advertising space into all of our products. Our Industry guide, newsletters, apps, and newsfeeds are all designed to generate additional revenue streams for your organization.

What our clients have to say

“InLoop has been instrumental to our member engagement strategy. We very quickly began generating a steady stream of non-dues revenue from our Newsletter and Industry Guide while positioning ourselves as leaders in the infusion nursing industry.”

– Christopher Hunt

Infusion Nurses Society

Some of our Biggest fans

Ready to join the intelligent content revolution?

Don’t waste another minute guessing what content your audience wants and how to deliver it. Let InLoop help you aggregate, automate and engage the intelligent way.