2017: The Year Personalized Newsletters is the Hottest Trend for Associations and Exhibitions

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Now that 2016 has come to an end, B2B companies are planning the year ahead by reviewing the successes they’ve had with content marketing in 2016 in order to determine what could be done better in 2017.

In fact, there are a number of content marketing trends for 2017 that show that B2B marketers like trade associations and exhibitions are taking content quality more seriously. One of the most striking facts is that the Content Marketing Institute is predicting an “email marketing renaissance.”

As Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute explains “In 2017, we’ll see two things. First, more brands will launch targeted and relevant e-newsletters, which will become the key method to grow their audiences. Second, more brands will take a hard look at the e-newsletters they have and move them from ‘email as marketing collateral’ to ‘truly amazing and relevant customer experiences.’”

Why is this happening?

It seems as though the promise of social media as a B2B marketing tool hasn’t panned out.

Although, many B2C brands have experienced success with social media, those gains have not exactly translated to success for B2B marketers.

Here is a look ahead at the trend of email marketing and how associations and exhibitions can take advantage of the email marketing renaissance in 2017.

Why Exhibition and Association Marketers Are Falling Behind on Social Media?

More and more B2B brands such as exhibitions and associations (that approach mostly business and professionals) are finding that they are losing control over their audiences on social media.

Great campaigns are getting to the wrong audiences thanks to the unpredictable and viral nature of social media.

In addition, the paths that B2C companies have taken to establish their social media audiences simply don’t work for B2B because B2B audiences are professionals from specific industries with specific job titles rather than the general public.

The very nature of social media also makes it fairly difficult for brands to determine what impact their social media marketing efforts are having on their followers, other than to simply track click-throughs and sales.

What can B2B brands do to connect with their audiences?

All of these factors are leading B2B companies to the conclusion that social media just isn’t the right medium to connect with their audiences for marketing purposes.

As a result, leading content marketing experts are predicting the B2B brands will once again turn to email marketing as a means of connecting with their audiences.

2. Content Creation and Content Strategy Were the Top 2 Reasons for Content Marketing Success in 2016

A second chart from the study indicates that content creation was the number one factor, accounting for 85% of the responses, that contributed to B2B marketers increased success in 2016.

In addition, content strategy was the second biggest factor, accounting for 72% of responses.

This shows that successful content marketing in 2016 meant creating content according to a carefully-designed content strategy.

Given that successful email marketing involves both of these factors, it’s no surprise that B2B organizations are giving email marketing a fresh look.

InLoop and the Coming Email Marketing Renaissance

If you are looking for a tool that will help you make the most of the email marketing renaissance in 2017, InLoop is the solution that your organization needs.

In fact, the top reason why new members join associations is for professional development, in order to become more educated about their industries.

To help associations and event organizers cater to their professional audiences, we specialize in enhancing content strategy through emails for associations and exhibitions.

As a software company, we also have a unique focus on content analysis.

Once we start working with an association or exhibition organizer, we use our system to aggregate data from the entire web in order to create industry-related content for its members / visitors.

From the vast array of articles that we discover every day, InLoop’s algorithm determines which pieces of published content are the most important: the articles that are most suited to business professional looking for industry educational materials, the articles that are trending on the web in general, and several other factors.

We constantly curate articles from around the web in order to create a live up to date professional newsfeed for your association members or show visitors.

The final result is an Internal brand newsroom that allows its members to choose the industry topics that are the most relevant to their individual needs, thus generating a customized newsfeed and newsletter that sends updates to members on topics that have been exclusively selected by the members themselves.

Use InLoop to Improve Your Content Marketing ROI in 2017

As email marketing experiences a comeback in 2017, using relevant content in your newsletter will allow you to build up your greatest asset — your online community.

An InLoop newsletter for your association or exhibition will help you to build a loyal community of followers and keep your audience engaged all year long.

We help associations bring quality, relevant content to their community members.
With a weekly newsletter as well as a 24/7 live news site, we help our customers save time and effort while searching for useful information to educate their professional audiences.

People are overload with content.
Having a customized newsletter gives your organization an extra value: Providing them with a relevant, professional content, all in one place- will make them more engaged with your brand as well as maintain a great reputation of a reliable source of information.

Not only will it help you with member acquisition, but also maintaining the current costumer base.

This same rule applies when it comes to event organizations.

You need to work on building closer relationships with potential visitors year-round in order to maintain high retention rates with regular attendees and to attract new visitors to your exhibitions.

By using InLoop’s tools, including InLoop NewsTracker, that employ the best practices of effective content marketing, we can help you take advantage of the resurgence of email marketing in 2017.

If you’re ready to get started, Contact us today to learn more about the audience building features that InLoop provides. Here’s to a successful 2017 for your organization!