5 Reasons Why B2B Companies Should Adopt Mobile Marketing

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Marketing tactics for the B2B audience might be slightly different, but not when it comes to mobile marketing. It’s a powerful marketing tool, and one that works well for companies marketing to other companies. Businesses benefit from text messaging their customers, regardless of whether the customer is another business or not. For any B2B business, it’s time to adopt a mobile marketing strategy.

1. Workers Use Smart Phones Constantly

People who are in the position to make buying decisions are using mobile devices all the time. 75% of those decision makers own at least two mobile devices, and use one just for work purposes. This means that a strategically sent text message to a buyer may result in a sale, right from their mobile device. You can send out a text message about a new product and include a link to follow through to a sale.

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2. Workers Use Mobile Devices to do Research for Work

Mobile devices are used everywhere, and that includes in the work place. Buyers responsible for products and services for a business are using mobile devices all the time to conduct research regarding the products they need to run the business effectively. With mobile search traffic continuing to climb, Google discovered that the mobile search traffic when it comes to B2B searches has tripled.

3. Mobile Marketing Integrates with Other Campaigns

You have to integrate mobile marketing techniques into your overall marketing strategy when it comes to B2B marketing. Your website needs to be optimized for use on mobile devices and you’ll need to create a strong opt-in campaign to be able to send marketing materials to your target demographic. Mobile marketing isn’t only useful for B2B companies; it is an essential component for your marketing efforts.

4. Mobile Marketing is More Effective than Email Campaigns

Buyers for big companies are always getting emails on new products and services with the emails usually going unopened. The benefit of using mobile text messages is that no matter who the text is sent to, it is likely to be opened 99% of the time. People pay attention to texts, as they are often short, and easy to read on a mobile device. Opening up an email requires additional steps and attention that many buyers don’t have time for.

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5. Build Brand Loyalty with Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing makes it easy to stay in touch with your customers. As a B2B company, you know how important it is to keep track of customers and maintain loyalty to your brand. Focus on building lines of communication between you and your customers and you will have more success overall.

It’s easy to communicate through mobile devices and therefore it is essential for all B2B businesses to adopt a software platform that allows for instant communication with customers. This is done by developing an opt-in campaign and getting users to sign up to receive marketing materials on their mobile devices. Communication is vital to your success as a business and you always have to look for new ways to communicate with customers.

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