Do You Really Know What’s Trending in Your Business Community?

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In a world where trends come and go and face-to-face communication continues to decline, how can marketers really know what the trending topics of their online audiences are and what these audience members care about most?

In addition to the uncertainty that not knowing the trends creates for businesses, businesses are generally only able to respond to trends, not create them.

Michael Schudson, an American academic sociologist, once wrote that “Advertising generally works to reinforce consumer trends rather than to initiate them.”

In the grand scheme of things, businesses will never be able to accurately predict the full future impacts of current market conditions. Forecasts also have a habit of not panning out even when analysts use the most tried and true methods to make their predictions.

That is why businesses have to pay attention to the trends in their business communities in order to try to assess how their audiences might respond to their marketing efforts. Understanding the trends is how businesses effectively innovate and change.

How Knowing the Trends Benefits Your Marketing

Aside from using trends to predict future sales growth and other financial business metrics, why and how does knowing your target audience’s changing interests benefit your marketing efforts for your business?

Understanding the latest trends for your business community has the potential to transform your business. Here are 5 major ways that knowing the trends benefits marketers:

1.   Know What to Write About.

 Nearly all marketers understand the value and efficiency that content marketing provides when it comes to engaging their target audiences. In order to drive significant amounts of traffic to your content, you have to know what to write about. Knowing what the trends are for your business community can make choosing topics that are guaranteed to engage users for blog content, white papers and other content marketing items that much easier.

2.   Brand your Business as the Authority.

 When you cover topics that interest your target audience and are aware of when these interests changes (by taking the pulse of the latest trends), you can brand your business as an industry leader, which will enhance any of your marketing or PR efforts.

3.   Expand your Reach.

Covering the topics that everyone in your business community is already talking about is a great way to increase online engagement within your industry. By writing on a trending topic you can watch as your content goes viral, which will you allow you to attract new leads and audiences that you previously had trouble reaching.

4.   Choose the Right Topics for your Conferences and Webinars.

If your goal is to create groundbreaking live events for your business, then you need to make sure that you choose the right topic for your conference or webinar, every time. With a pulse of the business community, you’ll know exactly what topics your viewers or conference participants care about the most.

5.   Build a Better Marketing Campaign.

 An in-depth understanding of your target audience is the key to any successful marketing campaign. When you understand your audience, you know which approaches are best, what their needs are, and how their interests change over time.

Save Time and Money on Your Marketing Efforts

Becoming a smart, successful marketer means using all of the resources that are available to you to help your business save time and money. Using smart data analysis on your specific audience’s changing interests and building your marketing efforts according to your findings can reduce your advertising and marketing costs by more than 35%.

Watch As Your Efforts Pay Off Right Away

When you really “nail” the hot button issue of the moment for your industry by marketing to those users that express interest in the topic, you’ll see immediate results from your marketing efforts. However, since the majority of marketers use a trial and error approach to identifying the trending interests of their target audiences, results like these only happen once in a blue moon, meaning that there’s a lot of luck involved.

Data-driven Marketing Produces Better Results, Faster

However, with today’s technology, marketing is slowly transforming into a business strategy that relies on “fact based marketing decisions.” With data-driven marketing there is no time wasted on the wrong decisions and less waste due to to decisions that were made on a hunch or based on incomplete data.

According to a 2016 study performed by Black Ink ROI, “46% of marketers say their greatest obstacle is gaining access to more advanced analytics and insight to make smarter decisions.”

This proves that today’s marketers want proof before they spend. To achieve this, they just need the right marketing tools that fit their audiences and their needs.

Get to Know Your Unique Business Community

With InLoop’s new Industry Insights statistics that are available for many business industries, you can get to know the unique business community of your industry. With this knowledge, you can predict the changing needs of your audience and easily use this information to improve your marketing.

As a business publisher with millions of users, InLoop is the owner of many known business professional publications for many industries. We are able to analyze a huge amount of reader data on a daily basis in order to gather information on their online behaviors.

This provides a complete and clear view of changing interests and trending topics for users in every industry that we cover. These are the sort of metrics that are usually unavailable to all but the largest of businesses. Now, with InLoop, you’ll have VIP access to your audience!

In addition, InLoop’s Industry Insights does not contain any specific user’s data, just a general audience overview of millions of reads. You won’t have to worry about violating privacy laws or creating privacy concerns for your users by using this technology.

With our agile platform, you can identify both global and local trends along with the essential metrics that drive better marketing decisions. Start using InLoop today to gain access to the inner-workings of your target audience combined with current trends for your industry.