How to Convert People Reading your Content into Customers

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By Tim Brown, Director of Strategy, Snap Agency – Conversion Optimization

One giant mistake companies make when trying to convert people into customers from their content marketing efforts is thinking about it as a sprint. But the marathon of a content marketing strategy requires we don’t scare off possible customers and advocates completely by making our conversion tactics too pushy (i.e. full-screen takeovers that don’t let you exit easily.)

A really good way of looking at how content marketing plays into a paying customer base is described in this Infographic by Co-Schedule:

That being said – you don’t want to go to the other extreme entirely and never ask for the sale.

There should be clear ways to go from reader to customer in your content, and if you’re not making those ways available, you might be missing the point to content marketing.

What are the best ways available today to convert people reading your content into customers?

1.  Always have a CTA at the end of your content – and work to include more relevant call to actions that actually match up with the content at hand.

  • The content upgrade – the best blog posts you have could use their own unique white-paper or PDF guide. You can just go even more in-depth on the topic of the post; this kind of call to action is aggressively effective because it matches up so perfectly with their intent for reading the article.
  • A slider with the products featured in the post; once again the intent is high if a visitor is reading an article on style inspiration or similar – by creating a listing or slider with the products in the post you can really allow them to click through to what they want to buy directly from the post.
  • Have different call to actions for each category of your blog – that feature some kind of premium piece of content that is targeted for customers interested in that category or service. This strategy works the best if the categories on your blog match up well with the services or categories of products you offer.

2. Create urgency within the content – even though you’re always in the mode of informing rather than selling – and other proven copywriting methods that work on landing pages.

Savvy copywriter’s have been perfecting the art of conversion on landing pages for years, and they readily share their results on conversion centric copywriter blogs around the web. Whether they’re using A/B testing to test their tactics or just trying one thing one month and something else the next month it’s always interesting to take a look at the way they suggest writing your copy to create urgency and persuade people to become customers.

A couple of the key ways to drive people deeper in the sales funnel include:
  • Using future-pacing to describe in detail a future time when their benefiting from the product or service you’re wanting to sell them. Example “After 3 months of using a quality sales development software platform there’s that moment when you start to see an efficiency that you say ‘how did I ever live without this.’”
  • Keep your writing simple, human, and focus on the benefits of what you’re talking about.
  • Make clear take-aways and spend a bit more time on your headlines than you might initially think.

People scan a lot – instead of resenting them, give them what they want and allow them to absorb quite a bit of value without reading every single word. Bold, italics and bulleted lists are another way to draw people in and make the keys to content accessible – thereby increasing time on page and making it more likely for visitors to convert into customers.

3. Find other creative and statistically effective call to actions that work for your particular blog aesthetic like the “Welcome Mat” and “The Persistent Header CTA.”

The Welcome Mat CTA:

The persistent header CTA:

Essentially the key is to give people the opportunity to convert at the top of the page – and an opportunity to convert at the bottom. Don’t stress if the first way you try doesn’t work that well, just experiment with different placement, different delivery, or a different offer.

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Tim Brown is a designer and Director of Marketing Strategy for Snap Agency – Conversion Optimization and creates websites that are built around business goals and that are built to attract traffic through SEO Services and increase conversions through Conversion Rate Optimization.