Why Data-Driven Marketing Is the Next Big Thing for Associations

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Establishing an effective B2B (Business-to-Business) marketing strategy is a challenge that even many experienced marketers have yet to fully solve.

However, everyone agrees that data analysis is a part of the solution, enabling decisions to be made based on concrete evidence rather than assumptions.

According to a study released by Forbes Insights in association with Turn, almost two-thirds of senior marketers strongly agree that data-driven marketing is crucial to success within a hyper-competitive global economy.

In addition, MediaMath found that 63% of marketers reported increasing spending on data-driven marketing and advertising over the last year.

Associations Are Falling Behind in the Race to Personalization

Data analysis is no longer just a chapter from the playbook of big business. It is an essential tool that all associations must use in order to grow and retain members.

While some associations have seen benefits from the use of data-driven marketing, most associations have yet to fully leverage data for marketing purposes.

Many associations still don’t use the data that is available to them despite knowing that personalization is a key component of successful marketing.

A study done by Ascend2 discovered the reasons why associations have so much trouble deploying data-driven marketing strategies.

They found that improving data quality and integrating data across platforms were some of the most challenging obstacles hindering success.

Without the real-time insights that a data-driven marketing campaign can provide, many associations simply remain unaware of how their membership communities have changed in terms of their current interests and demographics.

As a result, they are unable to maximize their success by using the most effective tool of B2B marketing: content marketing.

Use Data to Make the Most of Your Content Marketing

Tip: When marketing to audience of business professionals, always lead with your content.

Content marketing has already been proven to deliver high ROI and can help your association to build long-term relationships of trust and loyalty with your members.

Business professionals don’t have the time for marketing materials that are strictly promotional. However, they will make time for content that can improve their knowledge and provide new information about their industries.
Furthermore, you need to understand the varied interests of your membership base so that you can cater to your members individually.

As a result, using analytics is the most critical part of a content strategy that actually drives results.

In fact, a study found that best-in-class marketers are 56% more likely to use data and analytics platforms to track all of their marketing efforts.

Using data allows you to tailor your content to the up-to-date trends that appeal to your members.

Having met your members’ needs with high quality, targeted content, they will see your association as a valuable resource and not just another company pushing products and services.

InLoop as a Part of the Marketing Mix

The true value of data-driven marketing is that it transforms an association’s marketing strategy from simply marketing to marketing at the right time. Now you can connect to the right person, through the right channel, with the right content, all at the right moment.

As the amount of data that businesses have access to has exponentially increased, the top associations have deployed new ways to capture, analyze, and act on it.

All of this data comes in various forms and needs to be processed in order to identify problems, discern patterns, and discover opportunities.

Shifting through this sea of data in order glean meaningful insights is how InLoop helps associations create data-driven marketing campaigns.

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